The experiences in this section were created for Cessna by my team at Havas Lynx.  Normally, Lynx is in the healthcare business, but when we met our Cessna clients, who were eager to engage with customers and potential customers in a totally new way, we enthusiastically took on the business.  

We designed the Cessna Virtual Experience using Flash, Kinect and 3D renders to curate an interactive virtual tour; users navigated through private jets using their arms, legs and bodies.  We took a 90” display to the NBAA aviation convention in Florida and let the crowd take a spin. Watch for yourself, below.

It wasn’t all fun and games though, our clients chose to invest in this tactic only after we’d provided an exhaustive analysis of the market place and a recommendation on how to engage two very distinct customer types; what a difference it is to be the pilot of a jet in contrast to a passenger!